Osaka Canvas Project 2013


Osaka Canvas Project is the most up-and-coming outdoor art festival in Japan. This project aims to make Osaka, the city as a “canvas” for artists. It intends to create and disseminate the new urban charm of Osaka.
As an art event organized by Osaka prefecture, Osaka Canvas Project will be held for the fourth time this year from October 11th until 20th.
The location is called Nakanoshima GATE. It’s on the west side of Nakanoshima.
The Aqua Metropolis Osaka 2013 festival will take place at the same time. Among other things, the “Nakanoshima GATE FM OSAKA FOOD MAGIC” event will feature water sports and sale of fresh fish, from October 11 to 27. The Aqua Metropolis Osaka festival aims to share the charm and fun of the waterfront, and express the love and pride for Osaka as a water based city.
From October 11th, Friday to 14th, Monday, “Nakanoshima Park PICNIC RESORT” will give visitors a chance to picnic and enjoy the hidden charms of Nakanoshima along with a tour of the area.
Based in two venues at Nakanoshima Park and Nakanoshima GATE, the program lets you enjoy the exploration of the waterside, the town and the river. Admission is free, so please feel free to participate!!!!!!!!!!